Results from Vaultarama #2 08/07/16

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Vaultarama #2 took place on Sunday August 7th after a rain delay caused it’s postponement from Saturday. Luckily Sunday was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day and it led to some awesome performances :-)

Zoe Rubenstein      Smith                  11'00
AmyErin Zadroga     Tolland HS             10'00
Gaby Attanasio      UConn                  10'00
Rachel Busch        Patriot PVC             9'06
Kelsey Weber        Patriot PVC             9'00
Megan Biscoglio     Southington HS          9'00
Hannah Leahy        Lunenburg HS            9'00
Bridget Wirtz       Branford HS             8'06
Harriet Holmes      Smith                   8'06
Dominique Brown     Bow HS                  7'06 1st ever meet!
Melissa Gagnon      Hampshire Regional HS   7'06
Anna Willard        Westborough             4'06 4th grader to be!
Bethany Dumas       unattached                NH
ZiZi Kendall        Groton School             NH

Jack Chuma          UMass Amherst          14'00
Vlad Popusoi        UMass Lowell           14'00
Anthony Innamorati  Stonehill              13'06
Morgan Latham       UMass Amherst          13'00
Jacob Borgia        Westborough HS         12'06
David Giurgiu       Greenfield HS          12'00
Isaiah Powers       Westborough HS         12'00
Brandon Cote        Patriot PVC            12'00
John Robbins        Algonquin Regional HS  11'06 =PR
Stephen Mountzouris St. Johns HS           11'06
Travis Baldwin      Valley Regional HS     11'06 =PR
John Bai            Algonquin Regional HS  11'00  PR
Kyle Lambert        Patriot PVC            11'00
Stuart Latham       Fall Mountain HS       10'00
Devon Marcoux       UConn                   9'00
Joseph Riggle       Portsmouth HS           6'06

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