2020 Summer/Fall Vaultarama Series

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Vaultarama series is ON and kicks off on August 8th! Come ready to vault, listen to some music, and have a great time with the New England vaulting community :-)

What exactly is a Vaultarama?

A Vaultarama is a low-key pole vault only meet and is open to any and all pole vaulters of any age or skill level. We will have a sound system blasting awesome playlists and will have video recording devices available for reviewing of vaults during the competition. 

When and where are the Vaultaramas taking place?

There will be at least two meets in the Vaultarama Series this year. The first two meets will be at Westborough High School on Saturday August 8th and Saturday August 15th with rain dates being on Sunday August 9th and Sunday August 16th respectively.


Vaultarama #3 will take place on Saturday August 22nd (rain date Sunday August 23rd) at Natick High School. Warmups for flight #1 will start at 11:00 am with the competition beginning at 12:00 pm. Warmups for flight #2 will begin immediately after the conclusion of flight #1 with the competition starting NO EARLIER than 2:00 pm

Vaultarama #4 will take place on Saturday August 29th (rain date Sunday August 30th) at Westborough High School

We will be adding more competitions throughout the summer and fall.

What time is it starting?

Flight #1 – for athletes starting lower than 10′ – Competition begins at 1:00
Flight #2 – for athletes starting at 10′ or higher – Competition begins NO EARLIER than 3:00 pm

Warmups for flight #1 will start at 12:00 pm with the competition beginning at 1:00 pm. Warmups for flight #2 will begin immediately after the conclusion of flight #1 with the competition starting NO EARLIER than 3:00 pm

How much does it cost?

If you pre-register for the meet on Constant Contact (links below and on our front page) the cost is $10. If you enter at the competition the cost is $20.

What do I need to do to participate?

You will need to have proof of a current USATF membership and download & sign a USATF waiver form in order to compete. 

In addition all athletes MUST download & sign a COVID-19 waiver form indicating that they are in good health and have not been exposed to anyone currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms before they are allowed to enter the facility. If you’d prefer you can print & fill out the waiver and bring it with you to the meet. If the athlete is under the age of 18 they must have a parent or guardian sign it as well.

While pre-registration is not absolutely necessary we would greatly appreciate it if you would so we can get a semi-accurate head count and plan accordingly. In addition if you register ahead of time the entry fee is $10 instead of $20. 

Please note that due to COVID-19 group size restrictions we are limiting the number of athletes per flight to 12. If you do not pre-register you run the risk of the flights being full.

Register for Vaultarama #1 @ Westborough HS 08/08/20 (rain date 08/09/20)
Flight #1 (starting under 10′)
Flight #2 (starting at 10′ or higher)

Register for Vaultarama #2 @ Westborough HS 08/15/20 (rain date 08/16/20)
Flight #1 (starting under 10′)
Flight #2 (starting at 10′ or higher)

Do you need any help running the meet?

HECK YES! We need dedicated volunteers to run the meet – if we do not have volunteers there is no way these meets can run efficiently. We will need 4 volunteers for each flight – 1 to work each standard and 2 to take care of putting the bar up. You will be needed for the entire time the flight is happening. If you are interested in volunteering please let Coach Doug know – he’ll sweeten the pot with free t-shirts and free athlete registrations and stuff like that :-) 

COVID-19 Precautions

PLEASE NOTE Effective August 1st, 2020 the State of Massachusetts COVID-19 guidelines require that if you have recently traveled out of state you must either quarantine for 14 days or produce a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72 hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts. If your COVID-19 test result has not been received prior to arrival, visitors & residents must quarantine until they receive a negative test result. Travelers from COVID-19 lower-risk states – Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii – do NOT have to follow these guidelines. Please consult the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order website for further details

The COVID-19 pandemic will require some major changes to the way we will be running these meets. In anticipation of this we have provided this reopening plan document that will outline the procedures and policies we will have to follow in order to minimize any spread of the virus. We also understand that this situation is fluid and may require us to modify these policies at any time. 

  • Due to COVID-19 group size restrictions we are limiting the number of athletes per flight to 12.
  • All athletes, coaches & spectators will be required to wash their hands with hand sanitizer before entering and leaving the facility
  • All athletes and coaches will be briefly screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (including having their temperature taken with a no touch thermometer) upon entering the facility. If the athlete is coughing or has a temperature over 100.4° they will be asked to leave
  • If an athlete starts to feel sick during practice they must leave the facility IMMEDIATELY

EVERYONE – athletes, spectators and coaches – will be expected to maintain social distancing guidelines. In order to help manage these requirements we are implementing the following protocols:

  • A 6’ social distance will be strictly enforced
  • Everyone INCLUDING ATHLETES will be required to wear face masks or buffs until further notice with one exception. While warming up on the track athletes may remove their masks if they are able to maintain at least 20′ distance between other athletes and folks using the track
  • Everyone must take care to shield any incidental coughs and sneezes with a tissue, elbow or shoulder and NOT the bare hands. If bare hands are used you must immediately wash your hands with hand sanitizer
  • We will set up personal areas 12’ apart – each athlete will be assigned one of these areas along with a mini hurdle. These are for athletes to store their gear and poles and to act as their rest areas.
  • Only one athlete at a time will be allowed in the shed to get poles. Poles MUST NOT be shared between athletes unless they are disinfected first
  • There will be NO ACCESS to restrooms, locker rooms or water fountains so please plan accordingly ahead of time
  • Athletes will be required to arrive in their athletic gear with their own labelled water bottles, chalk and hand wipes/sanitizer in a bag or backpack. Make sure to bring LOTS of water or other drinks.
  • Please do not shake hands or have any other similar personal contact to reduce the risk of spreading infection. 
  • Club set poles will need to be disinfected after use or if poles are being shared between athletes

Anything else you might have left out?

  • We have a full selection of poles available for use by all athletes. If you have a specific pole in mind that you need please let us know and we will do our best to make sure it is available to you. 
  • We will have some Patriot Pole Vault Club gear (t-shirts, uniforms and perhaps some other goodies) available for purchase 

If you have any further questions regarding the Vaultaramas or anything else we can help you with regarding your pole vaulting needs don’t hesitate to contact us anytime via e-mail (polevault@patriotpv.com) or phone (617-302-PPVC).