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facebookWe maintain a Facebook page as another way to instantaneously communicate with athletes. Become a fan of our page and get the inside-scoop (sometimes literally when we go out for ice cream) on all the current PPVC news.

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twitterWe also maintain a Twitter feed for instantaneous communication with athletes. Check out the feed for practice updates and up-to-the-minute meet results.

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new-instagram-32x32As of July 2016 we have added an Instagram account! Now we have yet another social networking feed to check out :-)

Photos – Patriot Pole Vault Photo Albums

Coach Ingrid likes to take pictures… A LOT of pictures :-) Our website currently has over 10,000 photographs from various competitions, practices & special events. Feel free to browse the complete collection at

Videos – Patriot Pole Vault Club YouTube Channel

Tyoutubehe Patriot Pole Vault Club also takes lots of videos at practices, meets or even just when hanging around. All of our videos can be found on our YouTube channel

The Patriot Pole Vault Club maintains two blogs

College Athlete Blog
wordpressCollege vaulters tell it like it is! After the summer of 2007, we saw an enthusiastic group of high school vaulters go off to college for the first time. Rather than hear their stories in bits and pieces through emails, phone calls, and visits home for the holidays, we started this blog to keep in touch not only with other club members, but to share their stories with other young vaulters. Since we first started the blog with about 5 vaulters, it has been opened up to all our interested college-athletes with currently 16 bloggers and over 150 posts.Here’s an excerpt from one of Chrissy’s posts, “Follow Your Dreams-Only If They Give You Money” or click here to read the entire entry:

“Our entire lives, we’re told to follow our dreams and achieve our goals.  We are taught through stories, movies, and biographies.   If you take every cliché saying or motivational quote, that’s what we’re encouraged to do.  Look at those quotes again.  Do you add, “only if they give you money,” to the end of each saying like reading a fortune cookie? Follow your dreams—only if they give you money. Do your best—only if they give you money. Believe in yourself—only if they give you money. Thankfully, I’m passionate and willing to get all the experience I can from being a college athlete—without the motivation of money.  I’m just asking for some more help in the event.”

Reno Summit Blog
bloggerMaking the trek across the country to the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, NV can be a bit of a scheduling challenge, so those who have sat through the 8-hour plane rides share their experience via our Pole Vault Summit Blog. Read about the lectures, results from competitions, as well as how we spend our time in between vaulting events.