2023-24 Practice Costs & Packages

Please note that it is the policy of the Patriot Pole Vault Club to allow ANYONE and EVERYONE to vault with us regardless of their ability to afford it. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot afford the session fees please talk to us – we will work out a satisfactory solution to everyone’s benefit.

The club runs practices year-round at numerous locations throughout New England and we have divided the year into four seasons following very similar timelines to the high school track seasons in Massachusetts and New England:

For the most part our standard practice fee is $25 per session. We do have a few facilities where facility rental fees may necessitate raising practice fess to $30 per session. Each additional family member is 50% off. Athletes may choose to pay per session or if you plan on practicing with us on a regular basis here are several different seasonal practice packages available providing discounts for vaulters and their families. We are more than willing to discuss installment plans or pro-rate package prices for athletes wishing to join midway through a season as long as there is space available.

The 2023-24 Indoor Season will run from November 26th until March 17th and is comprised of only indoor practices. For collegiate athletes the cost is $10 per session as long as their coach is present. This is to help out colleges that do not have their own indoor facility to practice at. If their coach is not present the normal $25 per session fee applies.

The 2024 Outdoor Season will run from March 18th until June 16th and is comprised of outdoor practices 6-7 days per week and indoor practices when necessary. During the Outdoor Season all outdoor practices are and always will be free of charge in order to facilitate the proper and safe coaching of ANY athlete from ANY school that wishes to learn to event. We wish to make sure everyone has a fair shot at getting quality coaching at safe facilities as well as making the pole vault available to athletes whose schools do not have the facilities or equipment to host practices themselves.

The 2024 Summer Season will run from June 17th until September 1st and is comprised only of outdoor practices 6-7 days per week

The 2024 Fall Season will run from September 2nd until December 1st and is comprised only of outdoor practices 6-7 days per week