New Essx Poles for Sale

The Patriot Pole Vault Club is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized ESSX vaulting pole dealer for the New England area (and New England area ONLY) and can now provide you, your athletes or your school with any of these unbelievably awesome poles you need.

The ESSX Recoil Advanced poles are constructed of lighter and stronger composites used to give them a light and consistent carry weight along with enhancing their durability, making them  a great choice for the vaulter jumping at or above their handgrip. This pole is designed to return with more power as the vaulter progresses to longer lengths and stiffer weight ratings. These poles are light, durable and easy to roll over with a perfectly timed return.

The ESSX Launch poles are constructed of 100% fiberglass using the same logic and progression strategies as the Recoil Advanced line. Athletes will also notice the same features that have made the Recoil Advanced the most coveted pole on the market such as lighter carry weight, smaller diameter and an easier roll to vertical.

You are more than welcome to come try out ESSX poles before you buy them at any of our club practices.

In addition we will also be selling other ESSX products at a discount including tips, crossbars and pole bags.

Contact us at or 617-302-PPVC for the best pricing available and pole selection assistance. The quickest response will be from either emails or texts usually within a few hours.

ESSX poles are available in the following lengths and weight ratings in 5 pound increments

ESSX Launch 9’0 70-110 lbs     ESSX Launch 10’0 70-120 lbs
ESSX Launch 10’6 75-130 lbs     ESSX Launch 11’0 80-150 lbs
ESSX Recoil 11’6 90-165 lbs     ESSX Recoil 12’1 100-170 lbs
ESSX Recoil 12’7 110-170 lbs     ESSX Recoil 13’1 115-180 lbs
ESSX Recoil 13’7 120-180 lbs     ESSX Recoil 14’1 130-185 lbs
ESSX Recoil 14’7 135-190 lbs     ESSX Recoil 15’1 145-195 lbs
ESSX Recoil 15’7 155-200 lbs     ESSX Recoil 16’1 160-210 lbs
ESSX Recoil 16’5 170-210 lbs     ESSX Recoil 16’9 170-215 lbs

Visit the ESSX website