Used Poles for Sale

Coach Doug has FINALLY come to the sane conclusion that 900+ poles is a bit too much for one dude to maintain so for the first time in club history we will be having a used pole sale. If you are interested in any of these poles contact us at

  • The list of used poles below updates as soon as poles become available – keep checking for new additions
  • All poles have been inspected for cracks, scratches, blemishes or anything else that would make the pole unusable. Aside from aesthetics these poles are in tip top condition.
  • All poles have legal weight labels
  • Since these poles were part of the Club rental inventory all of the original manufacturer’s pole wrapping tape has been removed. They are now wrapped in blue JVCC packing tape.
  • Some Altius and Rocket poles more than a decade old have had their label on the center of the pole completely worn away. – these labels were removed and not replaced.
  • There are a few poles that need tips – if the pole in question needs a tip we’ll knock $10 off the price
  • The prices for each pole are based on the length, age, condition and material construction
  • We are more than willing to make deals for batch orders – make us an offer
  • The poles are available for PICKUP ONLY anytime at PPVC HQ (40B Ruggles Street, Westborough MA 01581). We are NO LONGER SHIPPING POLES. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Click here for a full screen inventory