Perennial Progressive Pole Providing Problems

Pole vaulting is a progressive event and unlike other events pole vaulters will outgrow the implements that they use. In order for athletes to improve throughout their careers as their technique gets better and as they physically grow they will need access to a succession of longer and stiffer poles to use. The goal of every program is to provide the proper pole progressions for your more skilled vaulters throughout their careers while at the same time accommodating the rest of your squad. The big problem is with poles costing between $300 and $800 apiece and with track budgets being slashed all the time keeping a fully stacked pole inventory with the proper pole progressions is a Herculean task. For example:

2015 MSTCA Clinic FINAL.038

In Forrest’s case this was an extreme example but the point is clear. Keeping your vaulters provided with the poles they need is an expensive proposition.

At the Patriot Pole Vault Club we hope to make this burden easier on you with our pole rental service and our new and used pole sales.